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Year 1

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One year on and I have to say “where did that year go?” ┬áIt has been a whirlwind of a year.

Family has found me again and at times I think they wish I was back at Tech stressing over final show rather than checking on homework and tidiness of bedrooms.

Personally I have had a great year, the graduate show at Fingers Gallery, having work in Fingers Annual show and experimentation with new ideas along with meeting Mike Holmes again at Talkfest.

But still I feel I haven’t done enough. I think that will always be me though. The jewellery scene in Auckland is supportive and involved. and I feel great to be a small part of it. This year I have spoken to some of my heroes and found out they are approachable and full of encouragement. So what next? Handshake 2 is asking for participants and after some personal questions I am going to apply, so it will be an anxious time to sort my stuff out and await a response. But as I found out regarding GraduateMetal13, if you don’t have a go you will never know