Broadening the Mind


So travel broadens the mind, well why am I still taking pictures of flaking paint? The truth is, it still excites me. Yes the truth is out, but I have come to realise that life is just one big contradiction. Now I know this is not rocket science, but from all the images I have taken over the 6 weeks of travelling with the family. I have realised there is a great deal of variety that makes me go ‘ooooh’ about.


The first piece of hand hardware

This was made early in semester 1 2012. It was my first exploration into folding the copper, engraving and covering it all up with enamel.  The driving thoughts were what lies underneath is as important as to what the surface shows. There is a great deal under all this that you have to believe is there because it will only become visible when the enamel chips. A revealing of a beauty. The worth of deterioration.