Velvet de Vinci

After some 20 years I recently got the opportunity to visit San Francisco again. It truly was like meeting an old friend again, you know the ones you don’t speak to for ages and when you do it was like yesterday. Well here I was smiling again as I walked those crazy hills, this timeContinue reading “Velvet de Vinci”

Interest in Shadows

Between the idea And the reality Between the motion And the act Falls the Shadow For Thine is the Kingdom Between the conception And the creation Between the emotion And the response Falls the Shadow Life is very long Between the desire And the spasm Between the potency And the existence Between the essence AndContinue reading “Interest in Shadows”

Fish Slices;Use or Ornament

The use of an object is what I am been drawn to but at the same time it is the ornamentation of an object that intrigues. The piercing is for a use but equally for the ornamentation. Today they could easily find themself without use and be solely ornaments, but originally they would have been too utilitarianContinue reading “Fish Slices;Use or Ornament”