Looking at Shadows

IMG_5421Wearing time: the beauty found in a moment. How is this translated into a piece of jewellery ?

Through conversation via email with Volker I am returning to my interest with shadows and the tricky concept of producing a real thing to represent a transient moment with enamel as the material to explore the surface. Well that is the premise at this point.

corneliaparker2                                         Cornelia Parker

IMG_3180 (1)

          ‘Cross-halving ‘ Bangle 2015

However when looking at past influences and previous work, I don’t think I have really moved far away from my interest in shadows

IMG_7500My work in Fingers Gallery Auckland on a sunny morning with shadows doing their thing.



Just the packaging

So I had the bright idea of treating copper like I would paper and using a  joining technique traditionally found in a carpenters shop. Put like that, it definitely sums up the state of my thought patterns. Oh and to hold it all together I would use enamel not solder.

I am quite pleased with the outcome, however it has raised more questions rather than providing solutions. Back to the bench . . .

HS4 Begins


Volker Atrops  ‘Gold’ 2016

Meet my mentor. This guy has taken the bold step to work with me for the next 2 years. It is a bit like an arranged marriage, with someone else being the matchmaker. Ruudt Peters decided Volker would be good for me.

After a few technical hitches on the internet front we have made contact. And bloody hell after one email and a few insightful comments; the matchmaker might just be right.

All I can say is watch this space.

A slice of St Ives

The joy of fulfilling an intention is without doubt completely satisfying. I did this early in May 2015. St Ives has always been a destination I wanted to achieve. Firstly because of the Barbara Hepworth Gallery and secondly because I had never managed to get that far south when living in England. It didn’t disappoint. In fact, after a windy drive across Bodmin Moor eagerly listening to my sat nav companion I came into St Ives with the sun shinning and the light that I had read so much about bathing the harbour that took my breath away.  Three days walking the streets, listening to the gulls and taking pictures of all things iron wasn’t enough ! However, it will always be etched into the brain and hopefully find its way into some work