Looking at Shadows

IMG_5421Wearing time: the beauty found in a moment. How is this translated into a piece of jewellery ?

Through conversation via email with Volker I am returning to my interest with shadows and the tricky concept of producing a real thing to represent a transient moment with enamel as the material to explore the surface. Well that is the premise at this point.

corneliaparker2                                         Cornelia Parker

IMG_3180 (1)
          ‘Cross-halving ‘ Bangle 2015

However when looking at past influences and previous work, I don’t think I have really moved far away from my interest in shadows

IMG_7500My work in Fingers Gallery Auckland on a sunny morning with shadows doing their thing.


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An emerging crafter of body adornment based in New Zealand with origins in England. Addicted to the decay and abandonment of the ordinary within daily life.

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