Velvet de Vinci

After some 20 years I recently got the opportunity to visit San Francisco again. It truly was like meeting an old friend again, you know the ones you don’t speak to for ages and when you do it was like yesterday.

Well here I was smiling again as I walked those crazy hills, this time hunting out this amazing gallery with husband in tow ( last time we were travellers together with added benefits!) As part of a family ski trip I had said we had to spend time in SFO, and I needed to find this gallery. So children been looked after by friends (times change) I dragged him along on my mission. Thankfully, sun was shinning and the city so welcoming there were few complaints.

After about 30mins walking we found the gallery. How fortunate were we, it was the last weekend of Ferrous.
I was in a state of pure excitement, that just got better. Mike was so accommodating and interested in what I had achieved I truly felt like a girl in a sweet shop.

The show had a wide range of jewellers represented along with the gallery’s permanent collection. I had the wonderful opportunity to get up close and personal to a piece by Ramon Puig Cuyas. It really was just sublime. Everything from size, weight and craftsmanship was there. I have a long way to go in this new career. Also an added bonus was seeing work from Timothy Information Ltd. the timing was perfect and both my husband and myself just laughed, fortunately so did Mike. It was days after the death of Margaret Thatcher and the work of Timothy suited our politics completely. I want to meet this man.
Velvet de Vinci is a wonderful airy gallery with a vast array of contemporary jewellery displayed it was a great find and I will be back and dare I say to deliver some of my work! Well if you don’t put it out there,

Published by floodlitfinds

An emerging crafter of body adornment based in New Zealand with origins in England. Addicted to the decay and abandonment of the ordinary within daily life.

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