Is there anyone out there?

It has been so long since I posted  anything I will be amazed if anyone is still remotely interested in what I am up to. But never the less it is a new year, a new phase in my life so it is time to make this blog work.

Firstly a quick résumé of what has happen since grad show. Five students from Unitec were selected for Best in Show, currently running at ObjectSpace in Auckland. I was one of the 5 and a selection of my work is on show, along with graduating students from AUT and Hungry Creek. The show is an opportunity for emerging makers and designers to be promoted in a Gallery space, it is a curated show and a great experience at the beginning of the creative journey outside of college.

To complement this award, I am still coming to terms with being nominated for the Graduate Fingers Gallery Award.

Fingers Contemporary Jewellery Gallery is a prestigious gallery in Auckland, next year 2014, it celebrates its 40th year of operating!  It is the third oldest Gallery of its genre in the world. An amazing achievement for any gallery especially one situated this side of the world. So I am presently working on a body of work that further develops my approach to enamelling along with my continued fascination with impermanence, imperfection and incompleteness. It is a great personal achievement for me, one that I intend to make the most of. For me it proves that hard work and doing  what you love can pay off. My aesthetic will not be for everyone, but it allows me to address questions of value and worth that the wearing of jewellery has done for many, many years.


Published by floodlitfinds

An emerging crafter of body adornment based in New Zealand with origins in England. Addicted to the decay and abandonment of the ordinary within daily life.

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