Just about now

Beauty in the everyday. This has been my inspiration for sometime and the piece here is an example of what I find beautiful! This is an exploratory piece that has resulted from the use of liquid enamel, folded copper,which has been rolled through the roller. Along with firings of conventional powder enamel. Quite a lot of work to get the effect.

Liquid enamel differs from conventional enamel in a few ways. Firstly, it has an industrial  heritage which results in it been quite hard wearing. It has qualities of paint, it is finer than conventional enamel and pieces can be dipped so both surfaces can be fired in one firing. This piece, however has had 3 t0 4 firings with the addition of conventional enamel over the liquid enamel.

All the findings are oxidized silver and influenced by urban hardware, such as gate fixings.

It is a starting point and for my a good starting point.

Published by floodlitfinds

An emerging crafter of body adornment based in New Zealand with origins in England. Addicted to the decay and abandonment of the ordinary within daily life.

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