Fish Slices;Use or Ornament

The use of an object is what I am been drawn to but at the same time it is the ornamentation of an object that intrigues. The piercing is for a use but equally for the ornamentation. Today they could easily find themself without use and be solely ornaments, but originally they would have been too utilitarian to be left out on display and only really seen by the footman whilst serving . The fact that they have been used adds so much more. The lack of luster of the silver has more depth than any new piece. A history, a story, a piece of time that moves forward  all this is what draws me to objects of use and ornament. How does this seep into my work?

Published by floodlitfinds

An emerging crafter of body adornment based in New Zealand with origins in England. Addicted to the decay and abandonment of the ordinary within daily life.

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