Mandy Flood

I see beauty in rusty gates, something special about oil and water on yellow lines at a road junction, along with a fascination as to what is behind various grilles. My work aims to show the texture that often gets overlooked and disregarded. To give rust a new hierarchy alongside other materials that traditionally sit comfortably on the human form. To produce work that invites commentary and a desire to look closer at the surface.

New Zealand is home, but the pull of the Industrial is still strong. originally from Birmingham and lived close to the Mersey. I now realise how much I miss the architecture and industry that I passed by daily.

This floodlitfinds is an ongoing  journal of the everyday. Images that I collect that inform my practice now and for the future. The images are what pull my attention in a world that is the same but so different to what I grew up with.

I am intrigued with what lies beneath the surface. Things are never as they seem and that is the intent of my work. It may be subtle surface decoration that sits next to the skin or it may be layers of enamel that over time reveal the  mark of the maker.

Hand Hardwear 2012  Enamel, Copper and engraving  Mandy Flood

Make visible what without you might perhaps never have been seen.

Robert Bresson ( French film director)

My work over the last year has been based in the world of tiny grains of glass. Enamel. The work has been of an explorative nature as to what I can do with enamel. Intentionally a  different aesthetic from what is expected of when enamel and adornment come together.

This is what inspires. The urban environment that I see daily. The architecture that is so different to what I grew up with. Tin and wood verses slate and bricks. Both environments working class in orientation but how so much more interesting from the outside. A street of wooden bungalows compared to rows of terraced houses. Homes adorned with colour and wooden fretwork that speaks of desired beauty


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